Our Prominent Instruments

Heamatology and Clinical Pathology

We have three part differential, fully automated hematology analyzer from ERMA INC., Japan for accurate interpretation and error free diagnosis. We also have an automated coagulometer for coagulation profile study.




Clinical Electrophoresis

GENIO a fully automated clinical electrophoresis system from inter lab SRL Italy. Electrophoresis helps in diagnosing various haemoglobinopathies and identifying Thalassemia carriers.



Bio Chemistry

A fully automated random access biochemistry analyzer A 15 from M/S Biosystem, Spain, along with two Semi- autoanalyzers to give accurate and fast results. We also have Nycocard an automated system for the determination of HbA1C, micro albuminurea and D Dimer Levels.



We have a Biosafety cabinet Class II Type 2A for our microbiology procedures. Exclusive feature is the BACTEC-MGIT system from BD which is an Automated instrument for culture and Sensitivity of Tuberculosis. This aids in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis.

All procedures are done as per Recent guidelines and antibiotic Susceptibility is reported according to CLSI guidelines which are internationally accepted guidelines for reporting. We also undertake operation theatre, ICU and NICU surveillance and help in forming Hospital Infection Control Committee for Hospital.


Immulite1 – a fully automated Chemiluminescence random access processor from Siemens USA.

A) Infectious Diseases
HIV, Brucella, Weil Felix, Leptospira, Westorn blot, Torch, TB, Dengue etc.

B) Non Infectious Diseases
Immuno turbidometric (Quantitative)RA, ASO, CRP.

Alpha Prime

Alpha Prime – LS a fully automated ELISA and Chemiluminescence batch analyzer from SFRI France along with a standby manual ELISA system.

• Hormones T3 T4 TSH, FSH/LH/PRL etc.
• Tumour Markers B-HCG, AFPCEA, PSA, CA-125
• 1st Trimester Screen, 2nd Trimester Screen (Triple Marker)
• Vit B12 / Folic Acid / Iron TIBC / Ferritin

Beckmen Access

SMD Electrolyte Analyzer

We have fully automated Electrolyte Analyzer Made by SM Diagnostic which is ISO 9001 and no. one manufacturer of Electrolyte Analyzer in Indian Diagnostic Industry.It is more effective and sensitive which gives Sodium, Potassium readings in just 60 seconds

Robonic Elisa Reader

Readwell is an Automatic ELISA STRIP analyser with user friendly and sophisticated on board software. Built in algorithm makes readwell STRIP a stand alone system for all routine immunoassays, ELISA,
Biochemicals, Hormones and Drugs. Its versatile and extensive software supports most of the calculations required for interpretation of results. It is economical, reliable high precision machine.


The BACTEC blood culture system is a fully automated microbiology growth and detection system designed to detect microbial growth from blood specimens

The BACTEC 9050 System, which accommodates 50 test vials, features an extremely small foot print (Only 4 1/4 square feet of tabletop needed and no external computer required!). It is suitable for the smaller laboratory: one performing less than 150 blood cultures per month.